Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 December 2010

Things are really thin around here for holiday displays!! I had errands down Route 44 towards Avon, looked for picture opportunities and found nothing!! Then we went out for dinner in Granby and drove around a little before and after and found next to nothing. I'm going to put in two again, not because they are both good but because maybe the two will add up to one really lame photo!

This was taken in Granby of the window of a Chinese restaurant with the reflections of the other stores' lights. 

This was taken of the front porch of The Junk Shop in Canton. I'm not quite sure WHY they have a dummy wearing a helmet and some kind of uniform, but there he stands, with the eerie dollhouse on a shelf facing him. Very weird.

But photographically......

If this is how bad the area is NOW, I can't imagine finding pictures for the rest of the month!

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