Monday, December 13, 2010

13 December 2010

The rain and drizzle and warm weather continued this morning. A good day to stay home.

(Looking out the kitchen porch door.... )

But because it was warm, and after the rain had mostly let up, we went out and got our Christmas tree. I think the guy who is selling the trees lives in this RV on his tree lot. He sells trees for the benefit of the town of Canton's baseball team. He told us that last year, he helped raise the money, and helped build, a baseball park in the Philippines. 

Wonder if he lived in an old RV over there.

Our dreary and warm day turned cold and blustery and snowy by evening. Good timing on the tree. We got a beauty!!

And I have another guest shot -- another from cousin Mary Frances in the Akron, OH, area. She captured the holiday spirit of a restaurant with a sidewalk cafe that is closed for the season, but decorated nonetheless.

Hey, didn't I hear that Akron was clobbered by the same storm that brought us all that rain? Thank you, M.F.!! 

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