Friday, December 31, 2010

31 December 2010

A whole month has passed, and I've had a great time posting holiday pictures from my corner of Connecticut, and a few pictures contributed from Ohio and Florida as well as locally.

I didn't see any other New Year's themed displays, not even at the liquor store where I expected to see something around the Champagne section. Nada!! So today's image also (as yesterday's) comes from the Winsted Stop 'n' Shop.

The next picture was sent to my by brother Tom from Florida. In this one, Santa is no longer hanging on a tree. He is down for the count. Sleeping. Deflated until next year, no doubt!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Thank you to those of you who sent pictures. I'm going to continue doing Picture-A-Day, and I will have a theme in January. I'd like to do something that doesn't entail going out into the greater world because of the possiblity of bad weather, so I am thinking of doing extreme closeups, using the macro feature on my camera. I've done this before, and there are some really good pictures to be found in ordinary objects. Closeups can be very abstract as well. If you have a camera with a macro setting (and I think all the point-and-shoot cameras do), please experiment and send me your results! I'll post them.

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