Friday, December 3, 2010

3 December 2010

I got a couple of contributors! But first, my shot for the day, which fits today's look and feel. Whatever made the maker of this sign give up after stenciling CHRISTMAS? The drips? The sign is on Route 44 in New Hartford, at the entrance to the Collinsville Antiques Mall.

From Tom Deupree, I got the following shot, taken on the south side of Kauai last December. He says, "Note the dead trees and tacky tinsel egrets." As they say in Hawaii, "Mele Kalikimaka!"

And from Taylor Deupree, professional photographer and champion of minimalism, this atmospheric shot from last weekend, taken in Maryland. He lives and works around New York City, and his photography website is

How about hearing from some others?

Hasta maƱana.


  1. great pictures! perhaps the stenciller did not have an 'E'?

  2. You should see the sign now. Paper taped up over the $39 saying, in the same sloppy printing, $25 all trees. I might have to rephotograph it.