Monday, December 6, 2010

6 December 2010

St. Nicholas Day! I have to have a St. Nick in my picture today. Morrow and I made a specific trip to the Torrington firehouse at East Main St. (Route 202) and Torringford St. where the firemen have outlined one of their trucks in lights. A little light-up snowman is perched on the dashboard, and a big plastic St. Nick is standing on top of the cab. Perfect image for St. Nicholas Day.

But this picture was not my favorite from today. When we left the firehouse, we drove up to Winsted, which used to be a great place to find good displays of lights and porch kitsch. Alas, things were very dull around the neighborhoods. Hardly any lights at all. Perhaps we were too early. It was dark, but it was only 5 o'clock. 

However, there was the hardware store on Main Street. The windows were all steamed up, and biggish colored lights were strung at the top and at the bottom of the window. The displays were not attractive; they almost looked like what one might find in a hardware store storage closet. The night was windy, and the store's flag whipped in front of the window.

And now to today's guest photo. It came about because of a thread on Facebook started by Audrey Scanlan about baking Christmas cookies. Several comments were posted, both supporting the annual obsession and (my position) saying it is not an essential part of the season, even though I used to indulge in both the baking and especially the consumption of the product!! So Mary Frances Cornell, a cousin in Akron, took and sent this picture, with the caption, "Don't do much baking anymore but sure do love my pretty books." Thank you, Mary Frances. I think you're onto something! 

So how about some other contributions? What does a picture of this holiday look like to you? Any menorahs out there, while Hannukah is still being celebrated?

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