Friday, December 24, 2010

23 December 2010

I must've gotten on a mini-roll with taking pictures of decorations-by-day-that-are-better-at-night, because I went around yesterday taking several. But the best of the lot was one which has no lights at all.

This is right on Route 44 in Canton, almost next to the intersection with Lovely Rd. (Rte 179) and the Ethan Allen store. The house that was here has been gone for a long time, by the looks of the growth of grass inside the foundations, and there has not been a house here for the eight years we've been living up here. But I can't say I ever really noticed the lone chimney before. Morrow says it's decorated every year. I think there were two wreaths, one on each side, because there's a wreath on the ground at the foot of the tree. The wreath that is still hanging is ancient and decrepit, but the stockings and the plastic candy canes are new. The day was overcast and gray, lending even more of an air of sadness to the scene. 

There's even fresh wood in the fireplace. I wonder if someone comes out here on Christmas day or Christmas Eve and lights a fire. Maybe even sing a few carols.....

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