Friday, December 17, 2010

17 December 2010

Another really cold but sunny day up here, and I'm getting really stressed that I'm not decorating the tree or getting anything done around here. But I DID go out and get some pictures tonight in Torrington. I'll probably use a few more of these as the next few days go by because I got several and don't want to put up too many in one post.

This is Ted's Appliances on Migeon Ave. in Torrington. Almost a lone beacon of holiday light on a mostly dark and residential street. Some of the animals had motors in them to make them move.

After going out last night to take a picture and forgetting the camera, I took it tonight at dusk. I am putting it in tonight because it SHOULD have been last night. This was taken on East Main St. in Torrington on the lot of a defunct gas station which is now a Budget Truck Rental office. 

I wish the lights had been a bit brighter, but it's a fun picture nonetheless.

AND, a bonus again tonight, contributed again by Melinda Harvey. I've asked where it was taken and will edit the posting when I get the answer. This has to be one of the coolest and most unexpected "holiday" pictures!  So great! Thank you, MH!!

I got the specifics on this photo. It's the falls and bridge at Mills Pond Park in Newington. The falls are the town's official logo.

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