Monday, December 13, 2010

12 December 2010

I like to find pictures at church on Sundays, but I found out this morning that our church won't be "greening" the church until close to Christmas Eve.

We had monsoon-like rain today, all day, and the temperatures got up into the 50's. This is the same storm that dumped huge snows in the midwest. By the time the winter storm came across the east, it met a big warm front coming up the Atlantic coast, and we only had rain. If it had been snow, it would've been many feet of it!!

Tonight we drove up to Northampton MA to hear David Mallett at the Iron Horse Music Hall. He is, as always, amazing. He did every song I wanted to hear. He's so great! On the way home, we stopped to take this picture. I love lights on front porches anyway, but to find an entire creche on a porch was awesome! Good for a Sunday picture. A good Sunday!

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