Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 December 2010

What a very long day! Andrew called at 3:20 am to give us the sad news that Mason had died at the all-night emergency veterinary hospital. At least he had time to get there, but it will leave a huge hole in his life. As for me, I didn't get back to sleep until after 5, and I was up by 6:30 to drive over to Middletown for the craft show at the Wadsworth Mansion. Forgot a key box and had to return home (but only from Canton), and then got off Rte 9 at the wrong exit. So I arrived late and got set up late.

I expected the Mansion to be beautifully decorated, and that would be my photo of the day. But the decor was simple, classic, and not especially photogenic.

The picture below was meant to capture the essence of the craft fair: shopping!

As a photograph, it's pretty lame. 

After the show, I went home and picked Morrow up, and we drove down to Port Chester for dinner, to give our support to Andrew. We drove around Port Chester after dinner, hoping to find some outrageous Christmas displays, but things there are a lot tamer than they used to be. 

But on our way home, on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield, there was finally the picture I have to include as a second image for the day. This huge outdoor tree structure was put up by General Electric near one of their corporate offices. 

This is just the bottom half!

We didn't get home until after midnight, making it a very very long day.

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