Friday, December 10, 2010

10 December 2010

Went into downtown Torrington today in search of photos and was amazed to see more empty storefronts. The Brew Pub? Gone! Some of the smaller shops across from it, also gone. But I understand that the new restaurant opening in January where the Brew Pub was is going to be terrific. Called something like Backstage.

What drew me downtown was the new location of the Illustra Beauty Salon, which used to occupy the building at the intersection of East Main (Route 202) and Elm St. (Route 4). They are now located on South Main St. just south of Water St. in the block where Hannah's used to be. Illustra has always dressed mannequins up for Christmas -- glamorous dresses and props, always worth several pictures. They did not disappoint me, even if they don't have quite as many windows as the old location did.

Can I post a second one? It wouldn't work any other day....

And I got some more contributed pictures!! These two should be called HOLIDAY SPIRIT(S) and were sent to me by Melinda Harvey. In her words, "Well, you know, what's a holiday without some champagne and elf beer! It's the only time the champagne comes out front and center." 

Wouldn't this one make great wallpaper or a background on the computer?  Thank you so much, MH!!! Now I'm thirsty for a good ale. 

And LO!! Another photo was sent, this one taken by Marcia Cornell of Green, Ohio, and sent to me by her mother Mary Frances. This 18-wheeler was parked in a Target parking lot. This is the kind of serendipity I'm always hoping to find! Thank you, Marcia and Mary Frances.

So now I'm going to park myself for the night. Don't forget to take your cameras out as you go about your errands this weekend. And send me the holiday images you capture.

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