Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 December 2010

No, I didn't find a Pearl Harbor-themed Holiday scene today. I did see a huge menorah with big lightbulbs for candle flames, but the picture didn't show it like I saw it. Too bad. Only one more day of Hannukah.

My picture for today SHOULD have been my picture for yesterday. St. Nicholas en masse! Taken at Stop 'n' Shop.

An army of Santas!!

I can't leave with just one. This has become my December diary. A small subset of SONE (Sound of New England Chorus) sang in the auditorium of the Wadsworth Athenaeum today as part of their annual Festival of Trees. I like this picture because that big blur on the left side is Marion's arm as she was directing. I like the motion of it!

Most of the festival trees were the same size, dark green artificial, with little white lights. Then the ornaments were different. But the overall impression was of a bunch of trees all alike. Except for this one:

How about sending me some of YOUR holiday photos?

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