Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 December 2010

I was out and about today and forgot to take my camera!! I took two pictures with my iPhone but it's now on the charger, so I'm going to dip into my holiday photo bank for today's picture, one I took up on Pratt Street in Winsted a night sometime early last week. LOVE the color (and it was not enhanced in Photoshop!)

The real picture today was contributed by Melinda H. and is a picture I was going to go out tonight and take. Every year, the Benidorm Bike Shop in Canton puts out by their sign a bicycle decked out in lights. I've been waiting for them to put it up. They finally did. I pulled into the driveway last night on the way home from SONE, but it was awfully dark (better time to get it would be twilight so the bike shows), AND I wasn't wearing boots and didn't want to walk my good shoes in the snow, so I told myself I'd come back tonight. Well, Melinda scooped me and got the perfect picture, AND at the right time of day. Twlight! Wow! Great picture.

It's going to be hard to get a better holiday shot than this, but I've got a Torrington location on my holiday radar screen!

Anyone else have their holiday radar turned on?

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