Friday, December 31, 2010

31 December 2010

A whole month has passed, and I've had a great time posting holiday pictures from my corner of Connecticut, and a few pictures contributed from Ohio and Florida as well as locally.

I didn't see any other New Year's themed displays, not even at the liquor store where I expected to see something around the Champagne section. Nada!! So today's image also (as yesterday's) comes from the Winsted Stop 'n' Shop.

The next picture was sent to my by brother Tom from Florida. In this one, Santa is no longer hanging on a tree. He is down for the count. Sleeping. Deflated until next year, no doubt!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Thank you to those of you who sent pictures. I'm going to continue doing Picture-A-Day, and I will have a theme in January. I'd like to do something that doesn't entail going out into the greater world because of the possiblity of bad weather, so I am thinking of doing extreme closeups, using the macro feature on my camera. I've done this before, and there are some really good pictures to be found in ordinary objects. Closeups can be very abstract as well. If you have a camera with a macro setting (and I think all the point-and-shoot cameras do), please experiment and send me your results! I'll post them.

30 December 2010

I have been saving two contributed pictures from brother Tom for these last two days, when everyone is beginning to take down the lights and deer and inflatables. But first, my picture for today reflects, to me anyway, the tiredness of the decorations that have been up since before Thanksgiving. This one was taken at the Winsted Stop 'n' Shop, a dreary place on the best of days.

Tom's picture was taken in Venice, Florida. The poor inflatable Santa couldn't stand on his own, so his owners tied him to a tree, and when he was deflated for the day, he was left hanging on the tree. A fitting image for nearing the end of the Christmas season.

29 December 2010

Here it is, New Year's Eve, and I forgot to post for the last two days! I did take pictures, though. On the 29th, we went out for dinner in Norfolk and drove around a bit afterwards looking for pictures. Didn't find anything remarkable, but I didn't really think Norfolk would be amazingly decorated.

I reach into my photo bank for this one, which was taken in New Milford.

I want to add a second picture because this is another shot, later at night, of the jeep in the truck rental lot on East Main Street in Torrington. I had made such a point on December 17th of going at dusk so I could show the wires and the tape but still see the lights. Well, this night, it was fully dark, AND the people had dumped a large strand of colored lights on the hood of the jeep, making it look like a wreath at first, but up close, it was just a pile. This picture is also fun because it has Morrow standing in front of the jeep taking a picture of the said pile of lights.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28 December 2010

Spent the entire afternoon with friend Naomi and four of her friends (Katie, Julia, Lynn and Patty), all scrapbookers. Naomi hand-colored rubber stamped images for NEXT YEAR's Christmas card!! Patty had boxes of pictures from her family, including her parents' wedding picture negative. She sorted pictures. Julia made a really cool tag book. I made some cards and embellished a couple of little brag books. All in all, a really nice day doing arty things.

The picture is from the "south end" in Torrington, down on South Main St.

I'm pretty sure the MERRY CHRISTMAS banner hanging on the right side of the porch is home-made. Clever.

27 December 2010

Our blizzard ended last this morning, but it was very windy through the rest of the day. The sun came out this afternoon, and everything was white and beautiful. The wind had blown lots of snow up onto our porch where our outdoor tree is. This is how it looks now. Beautiful.

Monday, December 27, 2010

26 December 2010

I wanted to get something with the snow for today, but it didn't really get going until later in the day, and then it wasn't good for going out in the car. So I'm cheating the day and posting a picture from yesterday. It was so late in the evening of the 25th that it was ALMOST the 26th anyway.

A little snow would make this a real winter wonderland. This is Main Street in RIdgefield, Connecticut. A block before this, some of the trees had colored lights (see picture below), but being right under them like this was really magical.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

This is the First Congregational Church on the green in New Milford. The entire town green was lined with trees covered in colored lights, as can be seen in part in the photo below.